Discovery space-it's your space

Discovery Space started off around England, now I have started it here in the middle east- Qatar

So I am sure you guys are wondering what is discovery space right??

Well..this is a space where there is no agenda, no judgement, and it is your space, giving you  more time to reflect and integrate your insights, connecting with the community, and being creative, making something beautiful happen, helping to make a change, just by sharing their wise thoughts, it is a collaborate space, where there is a peer learning and discovery also it will give you an opportunity to network and communicate with others who may have  similar interests. My life coaching friends in the United Kingdom are doing the same all over, and we want this for every community across the Planet.

I am holding a space for 2-10 people to come together- 2 hours every month, it is open for all, you can invite your family and friends, it is completely free, I will be holding these spaces in different places, to change the scenery, it can be in the park (depending on the heat), a cafeteria, anywhere, you can come up with some new ideas for places,

You don’t need to bring anything, just yourself and your wise thoughts..there will just be some marker pens and blank pieces of paper, these will then become the meeting minutes ,you can bring refreshments if you like


So....Key points!

We have no agenda

We have no judgement

We will be using the resources we all have

We will all support each other

We will be listening and learning at the same time

We will just let the space flow, allowing what comes to come, and go with what feels right.

We will be authentic

We will have new ideas every time

We don’t know who will be in the group from one month to the next    
We hold the space for each other

We will make an empty space in any corner of our mind, and creativity will instantly fill it

On Saturday 30th May 2020 was the first Discovery Space, but due to the COVD19 situation, it was done via ZOOM video call,.,such an energetic vibe in the this group- about 'Life during Lockdown'

Feedback from session: 

"Glad to see new faces"



"Fantastic Idea"


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mind map group 1.jpg
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