Why are Massages so important?

The human body is astonishingly aware of change and responds via the Nervous System

It is only in recent years that science has been able to understand some of the reasons why massage is so beneficial to its recipients, but the stimulation of natural chemicals in our bodies to support our overall sense of physical and mental welfare provides a strong case to consider remedial massage as part of your regular body preservation program. 

Study has shown that therapeutic massage stimulates the nervous system to produce hormones that have fantastic benefit on the complete body while at the same time moderates unwanted or out of balance levels of chemicals that can have a negative effect on us. 

There is virtuous reason why massage has been used for thousands of years by tribes and cultures the world over. It is because it really does promote health and welfare. Not only do people feel better after a massage but massage can accelerate the recovery from a number of illnesses. While massage practitioners do not claim that massage can heal every disease or problem, it could be argued that massage can be used effectively as a complimentary treatment for many modern day ills. 

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