What My Clients and friends think of me

Confident  - I don't need to say no more. Talking, walking, presenting, around youngsters, or elders, a co-worker or a president of a multi million pound company, good or bad, upset or happy, Rizwanas confidence level does not change one bit. Stays the same throughout 


Inspired - for what Rizwana has achieved in life, everything she has said and done is amazing

Exciting - sense of humour is always bubbly. Rizwana can make anyone laugh, smile 

Cheerful - always happy and optimistic  no matter what the mood is of someone, and definitely cheer anyone up with her appearance 


Strong - very strong character, been through a lot, fight through a lot, still fighting and did not let anything come in her way to stop her dream life she has fulfilled 


Genuine - always genuine, upfront. her or her character says how it is, she doesn't hide her feelings behind the shadow. And she is someone, well the first person I will talk to if I needed to

Down to earth , Thank you for everything 


Rizwana was my coach not long ago. I found her very helpful and understanding. She made me feel at ease talking to her bout my emotional situation and it was a topic that was very hard to talk about. Talking and being open to Rizwana was not difficult as shes a very nice person within herself. It was easy expressing myself to her and being open so talking to her went really well. Shes really good at what she does and really thinks bout her questions shes going to give. Rizwana is a very confident  person and shes always been hard working and a good friend. I wish her all the best in her coaching as i believe she would make a amazing coach in Qatar.Thank you Riz





I’ve been bless to have known you since 2006 and by far one of the most amazing  people I’ve met.


From the very first time how you’ve always shown interest in just being good to people in general you have always been there for friends & family.


 Always put people before yourself in a unselfish way which shows your character being a star in many peoples life


The numerous times you lifted me up and made me happy with your words and motivation advise


I met Rizwana around 6 years ago 

Such a beautiful person with a beautiful heart 

I suffered from body pains a lot and was so grateful I found her 


She would see me twice in the week and as she would massage me we would talk about life mainly mine 


As I was suffering a tough time in my life being a single mum 


She always gave me positive talks amd encouragement she always praised me as being a single mum I was finding it quiet hard 


During my hard times in them years she was a big support to me 

I use to look forward to my massage days as during this time it was Life Coaching  session I was having with her too she would always make see what a strong person I was and what a good job I was doing with my kids 

I miss her a lot as she has moved away 

however she is always a phone call away for me always advising me if I have troubles in my life 


I always look forward to seeing her when she does come to london as she always makes time for me and comes to see me 


I wish her all the best in everything she does she is a superb person


For me Rizwana is a very strong independent women that no matter what hits her, she gets up and shows up. Rizwana I have been known eachother since almost 13 years, and not only have I found a best friend but a life coach too, for life! Rizwana has been there for my good times and bad which proves the upbringing off her. She has relished who her true friends are and I am definitely one of them x

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